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The Lake Still Sobs : sortie le 8 octobre

🇺🇸 🇬🇧 🥳 I am excited to share with you the cover for the English version of my novel ! ✨
🗓 Official book release : next week on October 8th !
📖 You are a blogger and would like to review my book? Contact me for a free copy!

👉 “The Lake Still Sobs,” a psychological novel, that takes us deep into Scottish legends and history.

After a perinatal bereavement, Anne leaves everything and everyone behind and arrives in St Andrews, Scotland. There, she moves into a nice house on the lakeside, and tries to rebuild herself.
When the old house where she lives turns out to be hiding a terrible secret, ghosts of the past emerge from the shadows… This is the beginning of a quest between reality and legends.


🇫🇷🥳 C’est avec beaucoup de joie que je vous dévoile la couverture anglaise pour Les Larmes du Lac! ✨On y est !
🗓 Sortie officielle dans une semaine, vendredi 8 octobre ! (Je croise les doigts pour que tout se passe bien pour l’épreuve papier que je devrais recevoir bientôt) 🤞
📖 Si vous êtes blogueur anglophone et souhaitez découvrir mon roman gratuitement, contactez-moi en message privé 🤗
Six mois de travail qui arrivent à terme, merci Jacquie Bridonneau 2BTraduction pour cette belle traduction 😍


  1. Jacquie

    I highly recommend “The Lake Still Sobs.” This is the story of Anne, who after she lost her child shortly after birth, decided she had to get away from it all to try to heal and grieve, someplace where no one would know her and no one would be insisting with their questions on how she was coping.
    She decided to go to a little town in Scotland, St Andrews, to work on her English at the same time.
    “The Lake Still Sobs” is a book within a book, telling us all about St Andrews and its history while Anne’s story unfolds.
    Marie Havard is a very gifted author and you won’t be disappointed by this book nor by its surprise ending.

    • Marie

      Thank you Jacquie !

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